An assessment helps parents and family members learn about their child's development. They are comprehensive and offer valuable information for the future development of the child so parents, teachers and other people in their lives become gain information on not only how to handle situations, but also on what to do 

A child’s assessment is carried out via structured tests (games, toys, pictures and conversation, depending on the child’s age) and leads to an analysis to establish where a child’s communication levels may be, and their potential capabilities.

Parent's or carers are invited to watch the testing so they understand the results when they are explained, after the assessment.

Assessment and written report (inclusive)

Parents, Carers, Doctors and Teachers benefit from comprehensive and detailed report. The collaboration helps develop more in-depth knowledge and understanding from all perspectives.

Two very detailed and comprehensive reports, paper and digital versions are supplied.

Reports offer important information about a child’s abilities, challenges and a detailed description of what could be done in the home, at school and with overall interactions with others.




 Approx  2 Hours

Treatment in office (concentrated)

Treatment in office is one to one interaction with a child to progress their communication abilities.

This practice has a goal of making every treatment session fun for younger children (under 10 years) and interesting for the older ones. The child will never be bored -:)


30 mins

Treatment in office (Concentrated and expanded)

Treatment in office is one to one interaction - which is concentrated and expanded with additional attention to goals and objectives. 

Treatment at School

Treatment at school is one to one interaction with a child to progress their communication abilities at their school, and includes additional interaction with their teachers.


45 mins


30 mins


Progress Report

A progress report establishes the milestones/learning outcomes a child has achieved.



Teacher Training

Teacher training workshops assist teachers to maintain their knowledge and learn the latest techniques available like:

  • Use of specialised materials
  • Specific child strategies
  • Creative learning ideas

Aprox 1 Hour

Preschool Visits

A preschool visit is a face to face meeting with a child’s teacher to establish the child’s needs and the best use of classroom resources.


PN: Fees may be refundable through Medicare and Private Health Funds. Please ask prior to commencement.


To schedule an appointment contact Fiona on 0412 281 159

30 mins