eBook: Sentences Making Sense

Teaching young students about sentence construction and how to create sentences that make sense.

This sentence construction program teaches young school-aged students to say and write better sentences. It is designed for students aged 5-10 years of age, but is also suited to older students with disabilities. Sentence construction is an essential skill for talking, writing and understanding writing. It is used by all school students every day at school.

What Students will Learn

Counting the words in spoken sentences - [2 Pages]
Counting the words in written sentences - [1 Page]
Making sentences with a beginning, middle and end (with a fun picture activity featuring ‘Sentence Dog’) - [3 Pages]
Telling if a written sentence is complete or incomplete  - [9 Pages]
Unscrambling written sentences  - [9 Pages]
Telling what is funny about ‘silly’ sentences  - [2 Pages]
Understanding the difference between a written question and a written statement and identifying them  - [4 Pages]
Forming long and short sentences with different types of words: nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions (these words are fully explained) - [2 Pages]
Forming sentences when the student is given 2 and 3 words to use in their sentence  - [5 Pages]
Sentence completion, or finishing sentences, that you write or say.  - [3 Pages]

It's easy for you and your students.

Our book is ordered into individual sections that the student works through at their own pace. Every part of the program requires the student to be actively involved.

Easy-to-understand instructions tell exactly what to say and do for 41 pages of activities. Every page can be printed/photocopied for the student to read, write on, cut up or take home for home practise.

The benefits to your students:

Students will learn to understand what a sentence is, and tell if sentences they write or read are actually complete and correct sentences
They will be more confident with saying and writing sentences
Activities that require reading are graded into three levels, so all students can practise making better sentences:
  • Beginning reader – short sentences using the most common words that students first learn
  • Continuing reader
  • More competent readers
There are LOTS of examples for students to practise – up to 30 examples for each reading level, giving lots of extra practise for lesson time and home practise
‘Unscrambling Sentences’ activities teach from the test titled ‘Sentence Assembly’ in the test battery called Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals-Fifth Edition (CELF-5), commonly given by SLP’s

Written for use by:

Speech-Language Pathologists' (SLP's)/ Speech Therapists to use in treatment sessions and to send home for extra practise

Teachers to use in the classroom

Parents to use at home, either with direction from an SLP/Teacher, or alone, to teach their child better sentences

Additional Teaching Tools Included:

Editing checklist for young students to check their own written sentences

Certificate for the student to show the program has been completed and the student is now a ‘Sentence Wizard’

Picture activities follow Sentence Dog, who features in the corner of every page


Available as an Adobe PDF download, direct to your computer

Once you have purchased the eBook, you have the option to print the entire eBook, individual sections, or just one page at a time.


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